On September 22, 2023, members of the Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSIĀ²) came together for a hybrid build workshop to share their knowledge in order to facilitate local rebuilds of the open source low-field MRI scanner “OSIĀ² ONE”. The presentations aimed to be generally understandable (for the target group) and discuss design rationale, personal experience from rebuilds, workarounds, hacks and test scenarios.

OSIĀ² Build Workshop at PTB, Berlin, 22.09.2023

Important Outcomes

A full list would be too long for this post; so instead here are some highlights:

OSIĀ² on matrix

join here: #osii:matrix.org

The community communication moved to matrix, the slack channel will be closed soon. There are various clients available on all platforms; you can even run it in your browser without installing anything. matrix (and all clients we’re aware of) is entirely open source and will be the backbone of our communication structure for the coming years.

OSIĀ² on GitLab.com

We’ve decided on GitLab.com/OSII as our single source of truth ā€“ if you want to access the technical documentation of OSIĀ² projects or join the development, this is your reference.

OSIĀ² ONE specification sheet

OSIĀ² ONE uses a modular design approach ā€“ and since different groups are working on each module, a clear definition of all interfaces (soft- and hardware) and specifications is key to keep the development aligned. A central specification sheet will serve as the single source of truth for developers. It has been initiated during the build workshop, is currently in review and will be published soon on GitLab.

OSIĀ² goes clinical

We want to see OSIĀ² ONE in clincs for in-vivo applications. This is quite a long road and we’re aiming to pave it as we go, to facilitate the process for any open source medical device after us (incl. later versions of the scanner). Our goal is to enable a decentralized distribution of MDR-certified OSIĀ² ONE scanners ā€“ and for this we kicked off the EURAMET-funded A4IM project.


You can find the recording of the workshop on YouTube
(please note the time markers for the presentations in the description)

ā€¦and the slides here: 10.5281/zenodo.10079661

The entire material is available under open source licenses (CC-BY-4.0); if you need access to the raw material (video, pictures etc.) please feel free to text us on matrix.


Group picture at the OSIĀ² Build workshop at PTB, September 22, 2023