Modular multipurpose 32-channel RF signal amplifier and attenuator system


Nicola de Zanche1, Brian D. Markley2


Estimated cost

$100-$500 USD

Progress and License


Stable release, functioning prototype

The 32-Channel RF Signal Amplifier and Attenuator System is a modular amplifier and attenuation system designed to provide 2nd stage amplification in close proximity to an MRI scanner. With proper choice of components it can readily be adapted to a wide range of Larmor frequencies and applications. Each channel’s amplifier and attenuator circuitry is housed on a separate daughterboard for flexibility and easy servicing. These Daughterboards stand perpendicular to a larger Motherboard which contains all the common circuitry such as power distribution and protection circuitry, as well as the interface for attenuation control.

This modular system provides bias tees for first stage RF preamplifiers, second stage amplification, and programmable attenuation for use in MR scanners and other RF signal applications (at least up to several hundred MHz). Accommodates 32 channels and can be extended by daisy-chaining additional boards.


1University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada