A fully-featured programmable bench power supply.


Envox Experimental Zone


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Released, v5.2. licensed under TAPR v1.0 (hardware) and GPL v3 (firmware)

A fully-featured solution provided with software comparable to middle and high range commercial devices.

Envox Experimental Zone (EEZ) H24005 is a free (libre) and open source (software and hardware) power supply that bridges the gap between DIY/hobbyists/education/low budget and commercial solutions. The EEZ provides features of middle and high range commercial devices with its modular and compact design, broad capabilities, TFT colour touch-screen display, and the included development softwares.

The EEZ H24005 has been designed to minimize the need of specialised soldering tools. It follows a modular approach to allow customization and facilitate upgrades. It has been designed to ensure a safe and reliable usage by including various channel protection and system health monitoring mechanisms. Some features of the power unit are:

  • 2 Channels (isolated)
  • Voltage range of 0 – 40 V (10 mV step)
  • Current range of 0 – 5 A (10 mA step)
  • Max. power per channel: 160 W
  • Topology: Serial hybrid (switching pre-regulator with “100% duty cycle” capability, linear post-regulator)

The power supply is digitally controlled by an Arduino, which also enables the user to interact with the device through a TFT colour touch screen. It can be remotely controlled via Ethernet or USB cable. It provides with a software that is feature rich and flexible to be modified and upgraded in a way not only to follow improvement of the power management part of the PSU (pre-regulation, post-regulation, protection circuits, etc.) but to be used with other solutions regardless of their complexity. Having a digitally controlled power supply also opens new possibilities beyond primary purpose of providing a constant voltage output.

EEZ Studio is a software aimed to facilitate the customization of the EZZ H24005 through an intuitive GUI. Another program, the EEZ Software simulator, complements the developing possibilities by allowing developers to test firmware changes without needing the real hardware. Both programs are cross-platform and can be compiled and run on Linux, Windows and OS X.

Envox Experimental Zone is dedicated to the various electronic/hardware and software projects solely based on the open-source (OSI) and open-hardware philosophy by using as much as possible open-source tools and technologies (such as Arduino, LAMP, OpenOffice, Joomla, PartKeepr, FreeCAD, gerbv and Kdenlive).

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