Modular phantom and corresponding software tools to measure distortion in MRI systems.


Mariko Gardiner¹, Keith Wachowicz¹, Nicola De Zanche¹


Estimated cost

200 USD


Prototype, stable release, CERN-OHL-W license

Phantoms that cover large volumes are required to characterize geometrical distortion for image-guided interventions such as MR-guided radiation therapy (linac-MR). Liquid-filled phantoms of appropriate size can, however, be impractically heavy. This phantom uses silicone rubber spheres arranged on a three-dimensional grid, resulting in a lightweight, portable structure. Displacements of each bead relative to the known grid positions are calculated in Matlab or 3D Slicer from 3D bSSFP scans.

The repository contains:

  • CAD files describing the phantom as built.
  • Screenshots and photographs of the phantom and post processing tools.
  • Software and other files used for processing data obtained with the phantom.
  • Description on how the phantom is designed and built.


Abstract submitted to ISMRM 2022 conference


1University of Alberta and Cross Cancer Institute, Canada