UKAT is a vendor agnostic framework for the analysis of quantitative renal MRI data.


Alexander Daniel¹, Fabio Nery, Joao Almeida, Charlotte Buchanan¹, Susan Francis¹

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The UKRIN-MAPS project aims to standardise the acquisition and analysis of renal MRI data to enable multi-site, multi-vendor studies. Although many MRI vendors produce quantitative maps on the scanner, their methods are closed source and as such, potentially cause variability in multi-vendor studies. UKAT provides an open-source and robust analysis platform that can be used to process data from multiple vendors.

The focus of this package is analysis of data from the standardised UKRIN protocol, however the methods are intentionally left generic to enable analysis of data collected using different protocols or on different areas of the body.

“I just want to process my data with this package”

  1. Make sure you’re running Python >=3.7
  2. Install ukat with pip install ukat

“I want to modify this code to do something a bit different but don’t want my modifications to go back into ukat”

  1. Clone this repository with git clone
  2. Change to the ukat root directory (the one containing a file named
  3. Run the following command in your terminal: pip install -e .

Now if you make any changes to the ukat code, they’ll permeate into any analysis you perform where you’ve imported ukat.


[1] Daniel, Alexander J., et al. “UKRIN Kidney Analysis Toolbox (UKAT): A Framework for Harmonized Quantitative Renal MRI Analysis.”



1Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom