On 17th November 2023

Open BirdcageBuilder

Home OSI² e.V. News Projects Search Hardware design Software Open BirdcageBuilder NMRduinopyCoilGen Application Calculates first-pass capacitances to aid in construction and simulation of birdcage coils. Contributors Douglas Brantner1,2, Giuseppe Carluccio1,2, Chih-Liang Chin3, Christopher Collins1,2 Contact douglas.brantner@nyulangone.org Estimated cost Free Progress Beta 0.0.8, AGPL 3.0 License – Working, results validated against previous versions; need to update [...]
On 25th May 2018

Paris, Open Source Standards and Publications

Dear Open-Source friends, here are the latest news around the Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSI²), a collaborative effort towards open source research and the development of an open source MRI. Updates include Paris the city of love and open source, open source standards/hardware for RF coil developers…

On 20th August 2017

From the Pacific to the Mediterranean

The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine gave a warm welcome to OpenSourceImaging.org in its 25th annual meeting held in Hawaii (ISMRM 2017). The initiative raised interest through the two presentations and the two study group sessions offered by Lukas Winter. The next congress…

On 29th March 2017

Goodbye Olsztyn…Aloha Hawaii

After presenting (Lionel Broche, University of Aberdeen, Scotland) at the European Network on NMR Relaxometry (EURELAX) in Olsztyn Poland earlier this year we are heading next to Hawaii for the 25th annual meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2017). Our abstracts…

On 31st December 2016

Happy old year, Happy new year!

With the year 2016 ending we would like to say thank you to all of you for your tremendous support! This was the year of birth of opensourceimaging.org and the start of the open source imaging initiative. It was a lot of fun watching our initiative grow and develop.

A short update on the latest…