About OSI²

OpenSourceImaging.org is now online and we are happy to provide you with news and project updates around open source developments in magnetic resonance imaging.

The Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSI²) represents a new approach to the development of medical imaging devices, aiming to make the health-care benefits of modern instruments accessible to many more people around the globe. The project will pool the knowledge and experience of many experts in open-source designs for Magnetic Resonance Imaging devices (MRI) which can be built and maintained for a fraction of the price of current instruments.

Medical Imaging is crucial to both the diagnosis and treatment of most diseases and progress in understanding their causes. MRI is currently the most powerful diagnostic imaging tool in medicine because it provides a detailed view of internal tissues without invasive procedures or damage to the body.

But globally, MRI is a scarce commodity – its cost and complexity restrict its availability mostly to industrialized countries and larger hospitals. We aim to develop an MR scanner that is affordable to build, operate, maintain and repair by providing full, freely available technical documentation that follows the standards of open-source hardware. In combination, innovation and the open-source philosophy have the potential to dramatically lower costs and take health care “From the community, to the community”.

Who we are?

A network of researchers, engineers, makers, designers and individuals who believe that open source research and development is capable of fusing innovation and low -cost to meet the global need for high end affordable medical devices. OSI² is a not for profit movement.

What do we offer?

A place to gather open source soft- and hardware research and development projects around MRI and other related medical devices. Expertise around open source soft- and hardware development, open source hardware licenses, legal issues, documentation, certification of medical devices. We are constantly expanding our network and expertise.

What is our mission?

To pool the knowledge of many experts with the ultimate goal to build MR scanners mostly if not fully consisting of open source components. All medical devices must meet the same high quality standards. We want to streamline design considerations during all phases of development that allow an easy transition of an open source prototype to a product that meets local regulatory requirements as a medical device.

How can you contribute?

Do you work in an open source project with potential application for MRI or other related medical research and technology? Do you know of an open source project that should be mentioned here? Would you like to support an existing project with your skills and expertise? Any ideas how we can improve communication / collaboration etc.? Join us on Slack or contact us at info@opensourceimaging.org

This is a research project. This site is compiled for professionals at research organisations for research purposes. Any other use is not permitted. Everything published about building MRI hardware on this site is experimental at this stage. Aim of the information published on this page is, to find other opinions, of how to plan an MRI scanner, not to give advice how to build one. Under no circumstances any information on this page should be used or tried on human beings.

Building an MRI is potentially dangerous. Under no circumstances anyone should actually try to build an MRI based on the information provided on this page.