29th April 2024Open-Source MRI Scanner challenges MedTech conventions at Hannover Messe 2024

The open-source MRI scanner OSI² ONE (v1.0.0) was presented at one of the world's largest industrial trade shows, the Hannovermesse 2024 in Hannover, Germany with about 130.000 visitors this year.

21st November 2023OSI² Build Workshop | Recording Published 🎉

The OSI² community met in Berlin to discuss the design of the open source MRI scanner OSI² ONE – and to publish respective material in order to support further rebuilds and developments. Material is now online!

26th June 2023Open Hardware virtual pub from Euro-BioImaging

Join the “Open Hardware in Imaging” special Virtual Pub edition organized by Euro-BioImaging with highlights of a number of open hardware projects in biological and biomedical imaging. If willing to share your developments, please, submit your abstract before the 14th of July!

26th June 2023OpenLab MedTec kick-off workshop

On 22nd of June, the OpenLab MedTec at the BWKH hospital in Hamburg, Germany was officially launched. The collaborative project from PTB, BWKH and the HSU hosted the workshop right in the heart of the hospital. Great keynote speakers addressed challenges and opportunities of open-source medical hardware dealing with technical and regulatory issues of imaging devices.

9th January 2023First open-source MRI scanner presented: the OSI² ONE

What a milestone! The first open-source MRI scanner, the OSI² ONE, has been built and delivers exciting first in-vivo MR images. OSI² ONE was anounced in 2022 at the ISMRM workshop on low-field MRI and a first prototype travelled to the ISMRM 2022 in London for a live presentation. At the moment three copies have been successfully built in...

17th August 2022Libre_hub Seminar Series

The Latin American Hub for Bioimaging Through Open Hardware (LIBRE_hub) is a training network for open source bioimaging hardware in Latin America with the goal to empower regional researchers through practical workshops, seminars, networking, and online resources adapted to local needs and re-published in local languages. The seminar series is organized virtually and everyone interested can join.

12th July 2022LIBRE_hub

The Latin American Hub for Bioimaging Through Open Hardware (LIBRE_hub) is a training network for open source bioimaging hardware in Latin America with the goal to empower regional researchers through practical workshops, seminars, networking, and online resources adapted to local needs and re-published in local languages. The seminar series is organized virtually and everyone interested can join

23rd June 2022OSI meets HOPE

HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) a conference for the hacker community, open-source community, HAM Radio community, and everything in between is happening on July 22-24 (list of speakers here) at New York City . Doug Brantner, an MRI research engineer working on sensors, electronics, software, and simulations for MRI as well as ultrasound, is going

7th May 2022ISMRM 2022 London

After a virtual break of 2 years, the joint ISMRM/ESMRMB 2022 meeting is resuming in person in London, UK from 7th - 12th of May 2022. As usual, there will be fantastic open source content to be found throughout the conference. In particular, you should not miss the OSI² social and the "Build your Own Open-Source Scanner" session.

21st March 2022ISMRM workshop on Low-field MRI with fantastic Open Source content

A fantastic ISMRM workshop on low-field MRI was held on 17-18 March with nearly 300 participants attending virtually. The agenda had fantastic open source content, such as several presentations on the open source MRI OSI² ONE and many vivid discussion around how open source can benefit the scientific and clinical MR community.

18th November 2021MRI Together: A global workshop on open science and reproducibility

Registration is open now for the exciting ESMRMB-sponsored virtual workshop "MRI Together: a global workshop on open science and reproducibility" from December 13-17, 2021.

3rd September 2021Policy brief on Open Hardware released

On March 8th and April 14th of 2021, the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) convened two virtual writing workshops with open hardware practitioners and technology transfer officers to discuss the potential of open hardware for Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs). The following policy brief, “Open Hardware is Ready to Help Technology Transfer Offices Maximise the Impact of Academic Research”...

1st June 2021Launching the next stage of the Open Source MR project

After tremendous efforts in the past years of the open source scientific community, we are happily announcing that the next stage of the open source MR project is launching. In the next stage, multiple institutions will be building the next generation of these scanners, testing, upgrading, and evaluating these systems to further improve image quality towards clinically relevant and...

11th May 2021ISMRM 2021 is approaching with exciting Open Source MR content

Only few days left! ISMRM 2021 is approaching with new fantastic Open Source Soft- and Hardware content. An important milestone was reached this year and we are entering the next stage on the road towards an Open Source MRI in the clinic.

1st October 2020Updates on OSI² at the ESMRMB 2020

If you would like to get updated on the current progress, future steps and vision of our Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSI²), please have a look at this presentation at the virtual conference of the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ESMRMB).

16th September 2020MR Engineering Challenge 2021 Launched

The ISMRM study group for MR Engineering launched a new challenge to develop, demonstrate and share a tool for cleaning and sanitizing an MRI scanner protecting the next patient and workers. Develop quick, easy, cost effective and safe to use solutions.

27th May 2020ISMRM Virtual Meeting on MR Engineering

Interested in MR hardware across field strengths? Then join the 1,5 hour long ISMRM virtual meeting of the MR Engineering study group on Thursday, 4th of June 2020 at 8:00 am (US-PDT) Register here (for ISMRM members): https://www.ismrm.org/virtual-meetings/ Next to updates from ultrah high field and low field MR projects, we will give a brief update around our Open Source Imaging Initiative...

26th March 2020Open projects to solve or treat COVID-19

Here is a collection of open projects to help fighting the current COVID-19 situation. List of respiratory open hardware projects: https://sites.google.com/view/coronavirus-openkit/open-hardware List of online activities to co-create solutions: https://sites.google.com/view/coronavirus-openkit/hackathons Stay healthy everyone!

7th January 2020Open hardware observatory launched

Recently the open hardware observatory (OHO) was launched. OHO is a search engine for sustainable open hardware, open design and maker projects crawling the web and making its open contents searchable for you. Start searching and build a better tomorrow.

20th December 2019Open Hardware from Academia Incubator

Open access publishing, open data, and open source software are becoming the norm in academia. Is open hardware next? The University of Bath Open Source Hardware Group invites you to a 3-day incubator to explore the challenges faced when making open hardware, and work together to propose solutions.

5th December 2019Register for OpenMR Benelux 2020

After a successful program last year OpenMR Benelux is returning in 2020. It will be held from the 21-23rd of January at the Donders Institute for Cognition, Brain and Behaviour in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The 3 day event will feature discussions on the open source movement in MRI and a two day hackathon!

10th October 2019Open source arrives at IEEE

The open source movement continues spreading and arrives at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards Association. In case you are not familiar with IEEE, it is the world's largest professional association advancing technology for humanity. In the words of Joshua Gay from IEEE that is a "dramatic change" for such a big and traditional organization...

12th May 2019Wiki launched

After a productive brainstorming and hacking session at the MRathon (hackathon for MR professionals) in Montreal, Canada, we finally launched our Wiki! Now its up to you, the community to contribute to the wiki and create an open source knowledge base around MR research and development. Open and free to all, now and forever.

23rd April 2019Standard and Guideline on Open Source Hardware

On 17th of April we started our kick-off meeting on a DIN SPEC standard and guideline on Open Source Hardware. The consortium consist of many international experts developing, researching and selling open source hardware and open source software. The final documents, consisting of a standard and guideline, will be published by the end of this year (in English and...

16th April 2019Questionnaire on reproducibility

The ISMRM Reproducible Research Study Group would like to find out what the ISMRM Membership thinks about problems related to reproducibility – and what the study group might be able to do to improve things. The Questionnaire has 5 sections – and should only take around 5-10 mins to complete (but maybe a bit longer if you want to provide...

11th April 2019Reproduce a seminal paper initiative

The ISMRM study group for reproducible research just launched the 2019 reproduce a seminal paper initiative. The goal of this initiative is to select seminal papers from the field of magnetic resonance, and ask the community to reproduce the core findings/algorithms/implementations from these papers.

25th March 2019What the Hack? MRathon launching prior to ISMRM

Time for a hackathon to promote reproducibility, collaboration, and standards through open source practices in magnetic resonance. The MR Hackathon (MRathon) that we are co-organizing is scheduled for May 9-10 2019 at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Montreal, Canada. Right before the annual meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM).

31st December 2018First MR Image acquired

Happy old year! We are happy to announce that we acquired a first image in October this year with our open source Desktop MR system. We packed our magnet into the car in Berlin, drove down some 800km to LUMC in Leiden Netherlands, did a bit of magic and voila. This is a great success and it was a...

10th December 2018Call for Open Source Software Tools Demos – ISMRM 2019

An interesting call for proposals (organized by Miki Lustig, Larry Wald and Tony Stoecker) has been launched that addresses open source software developers of sequence design, simulation and image reconstruction software to present and demonstrate their tools at the ISMRM 2019 in Montreal, Canada. Here is the link to the call:

6th December 2018Ready for a challenge? Call for Ideas Open Now

Any good ideas to meet three important MR challenges from Africa, India and South America? We are happy to announce that the call for ideas is open and the best ideas will be presented at the ISMRM 2019 in Monreal, Canada. Moreover you will get a chance to work in teams to realize your ideas. You can find more...

25th May 2018Paris, Open Source Standards and Publications

Dear Open-Source friends, here are the latest news around the Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSI²), a collaborative effort towards open source research and the development of an open source MRI. Updates include Paris the city of love and open source, open source standards/hardware for RF coil developers and newest publications with open source content.

17th October 2017Imagining OSI2 around tapas at the ESMRMB 2017

Let's have some food and drinks together in Barcelona.

20th August 2017From the Pacific to the Mediterranean

The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine gave a warm welcome to OpenSourceImaging.org in its 25th annual meeting held in Hawaii (ISMRM 2017). The initiative raised interest through the two presentations and the two study group sessions offered by Lukas Winter. The next congress in our sight is the 34th annual scientific meeting of the European Society for...

29th March 2017Goodbye Olsztyn…Aloha Hawaii

After presenting (Lionel Broche, University of Aberdeen, Scotland) at the European Network on NMR Relaxometry (EURELAX) in Olsztyn Poland earlier this year we are heading next to Hawaii for the 25th annual meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2017). Our abstracts got accepted for oral and e-poster presentations and we are excited to ride...

24th March 2017Join OSI² on Slack

Talk to us! After an initial testing phase we are ready to communicate over Slack. Do you want to discuss, share ideas, participate, criticize, inspire, motivate and basically shape the future of Open Source Imaging? Then follow the instructions here: http://www.opensourceimaging.org/slack/ and join our Slack channel Open Source Imaging. The Slack channels are for discussions around various OSI² topics. Concrete tasks...

31st December 2016Happy old year, Happy new year!

With the year 2016 ending we would like to say thank you to all of you for your tremendous support! This was the year of birth of opensourceimaging.org and the start of the open source imaging initiative. It was a lot of fun watching our initiative grow and develop. A short update on the latest events.

25th October 2016Science communication is undergoing a revolution – Dr. Nikola Stikov

Dr. Nikola Stikov, founder of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, visited Stanford University last week and spoke on the topic of modern science communication with the goal of communicating science to a broader audience using blogging.

6th October 2016Petition started: ISMRM Study Group on Reproducible Research

A petition has been started by Michael Hansen (NIH, Bethesda, US) and others working on Open Source Software in the MR community to create an ISMRM study group on reproducible research. We talked to Michael and once the study group is formed Open Source Hardware will be included as well. So please support this great initiative! Sign the...

28th September 201615th Open Source Project Added

We have already 15 projects uploaded! What can you do with the last five uploads? Well, e.g. you can reconstruct your images using BART or Gagdetron, convert them to the open data format ISMRMRD in order to share your data with your collaborators, who can use the result for simple image registration with SimpleElastix. Or are you a hardware girl/guy?...

25th September 2016Science Hacking

Flower pots that generate energy, polygon evolution, experiencing quantum mechanics in virtual reality and many more fun projects at the Science Hack Day Berlin. The idea of the Science Hack Day: Connecting the scientific and maker community for 24 hours and see what happens. Brilliant, just imagine the potential of long term collaborations between scientists and makers to tackle...

9th September 2016Bringing affordable medical devices to the World (Health Summit)

Many crucial medical devices are beyond the reach of patients throughout the world. We believe that an open source approach to medical hardware design will engage communities of developers and produce simple, practical and innovative instruments. Local development, customized production and global education will be encouraged, ultimately resulting in better, sustainable health care for patients throughout the world. And that...

Photo: Katharina Bohm/MDC

25th August 2016Globalizing Medical Imaging – MDC insights interview

Our interview for MDC insights the online news platform of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC) got published. Many thanks to Russ Hodge for the interview and Martin Ballaschk for editing. Can we as a community globalize medical imaging?

15th August 2016Open Innovation and Open Science in Europe

Research in Europe is opening up. Based on a recent report of the Council of the European Union, all publicly funded research shall be freely available (open access) to the public from 2020 . Licensing models shall be promoted, such as creative commons for scientific publications and research data sets.Good job Europe. Interestingly to the concept of Open Science...

8th July 201610th Open Source Project Added

We are happy to announce that the 10th open source project has been added to the project section. Thanks to all contributors! We also added a search/filter function to the projects section (thanks Sergej) and the newsletter will be launched very soon, so subscribe to receive the fancy updates. Don't worry we will not spam you, the newsletter will...

5th June 2016Flash Grant Received

We are happy to announce that Open Source Imaging has been identified as an "impressive change agent" by the Shuttleworth Foundation and awarded us with a Flash Grant. The Shuttleworth Foundation supports social innovators for an open knowledge society. Thumbs up for the Shuttleworth Foundation and to Open Source Ecology, who supported us!

2nd June 2016Opening Up MR Value

Happy Birthday Paul Lauterbur! As a birthday gift, we have launched OpenSourceImaging.org on 6th of May 2016. Few days later the open source imaging initiative (OSI²) has been successfully presented at the 24th annual meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) in Singapore, the biggest MR technology based conference with about 5000 abstracts. We...

1st May 2016About OSI²

The Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSI²) represents a new approach to the development of medical imaging devices, aiming to make the health-care benefits of modern instruments accessible to many more people around the globe. The project will pool the knowledge and experience of many experts in open-source designs for Magnetic Resonance Imaging devices (MRI) which can be built and...