On 18th November 2021

MRI Together: A global workshop on open science and reproducibility

Registration is open now for the exciting ESMRMB-sponsored workshop

“MRI Together: a global workshop on open science and reproducibility”

, which is being held virtually from December 13-17, 2021. This glogal workshop will span 4 different time zones in the hopes of promoting MR open science and reproducibility efforts accessible to all.

Prominent speakers from all over the world will present and discuss Open Science topics in relation to MRI and Reproducible Research in general. Topics will include:

* Reproducibility crisis
* Data sharing
* Open source tools for acquisition, reconstruction and post-processing
* Open Science and Open Development from a vendors’ perspective

…and many more!

This global workshop aims to bring MRI scientists together – no matter if you are a physicist, engineer, computer scientist, radiographer, or physician. If you are passionate about Open Science, register now!