Dear Open-Source friends,

here are the latest news around the Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSI²), a collaborative effort towards open source research and the development of an open source MRI.


We will be at the ISMRM in Paris (16-22 June). Would you like to meet up and discuss ongoing projects (such as the construction of an open source low field MR system)? Do you have ideas for open source soft-/hardware that might be beneficial for the MR community? Or do you have ideas on how we can motivate more sharing of code/designs? Lets meet up! You can contact us over or our Slack Team. Any open source ISMRM abstracts? Please let us know and we will highlight your work on our website.
Following the started tradition in Hawaii last year, we will be hosting another social event on Tuesday 19th 8pm in Paris. Unfortunately we have no barbecue and Waikiki beach atmosphere to offer this time, but we have a special location at the oldest Hospital of Paris dating back to 651 AD. And that is not all, because our hosts will be our friends from EchOpen (, who will give us some insight into their development of an open source ultrasound device that is currently in the product development stage. Did I mention that this will be accompanied by wine and cheese? We have a limited number of places, so please send us an email ( if you want to be on the guestlist.
Last but not least, don’t miss the study group session for reproducible research on Wed. 20th of June 9:15-10:15am.

See you soon at the joint annual meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB in Paris. The city of love and open source :)
See you soon at the joint annual meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB in Paris. The city of love and open source 🙂

Open Source RF coil array interface

We have formed an ISMRM working group to define an open, vendor-agnostic, royalty-free interface standard for RF coil arrays and to publish hardware based on the standard open source, including equipment for RF coil testing outside the MR scanner. This effort is supported by the ISMRM and you can find more information here:

Open Source Publications

Good news, in the journal Magnetic Resonance in Medicine open source code or hardware files were released in 14 publications in the last year. We uploaded some of these projects already on and will include the remaining ones as well. For your convenience, here is an overview of the publications:

Description Link
ISMRM raw data format
FID-A – MRS processing and simulation
TOPPE – MR pulse sequence prototyping
Pulseq – MR pulse sequence prototyping
Pneumatic phantom
Sequence Tree pulse sequence programming
Transmit receive switch for thermal MR
Hybrid MRI ultrasound
Ultimate intrinsic SNR
High dynamic range processing
Quantitative magnetization transfer (qMT)
4D flow simulations
Whole-brain 3DFLAIR at 7T
Diffusion model-free framework

Unfortunately we can’t oversee all journals and the whole publication landscape, so please help us if we missed something and upload useful open source projects here: or write us an email to Together we can create an open source project database that among others helps advance our research.

Stay tuned, stay open and à la prochaine!