We are happy to announce that the 10th open source project has been added to the project section. Thanks to all contributors!

Here is a summary what you can do already open source:
You can start with designing your pulse sequences with JEMRIS and execute them hardware-independent using Pulseq on an existing Siemens, GE or Bruker scanner. After acquiring your MR data excecute the Minimum Field Strength Simulator to estimate if you would have been able to use a lower field system just as well for your clinical application. Are you in need of an RF coil? Simulate it freely with openEMS or MARIE with MATLAB or Octave implementations. After building your RF coil design, map the resulting 3D H- or E-field distributions automatically with COSI-Measure. As a spectrometer you could use two software defined radios together with gr-MRI to play out RF pulse and gradient waveforms. Not homogeneous enough? Hm, maybe an open source current driver for local B0 shim coils might help. Ah finally some satisfying data, but there is no time to waste, so lets reconstruct it GPU accelerated with PowerGrid. No need for images? T1 and T2 measurements of samples are sufficient? Maybe a complete NMR relaxometry platform is what you are looking for.

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