On 25th October 2016

Science communication is undergoing a revolution – Dr. Nikola Stikov

Dr. Nikola Stikov, founder of the blog of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, visited Stanford University last week and spoke on the topic of modern science communication with the goal of communicating science to a broader audience using blogging.

Science communication is undergoing a revolution thanks to blogs and social media. However, the bulk of science journalism is still on the shoulders of professional writers, with only a small number of practicing scientists contributing to outreach efforts. Recently, the imaging community has recognized the need for a more coordinated effort to communicate its science to a broader audience. As a result, the blogs of the journal Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (www.ismrm.org/mrm) and the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (www.humanbrainmapping.org/blog) have been featured in the Huffington Post, cited in the New York Times, and published by Wiley as a periodical magazine. As the founder of the above blogs, Nikola discussed their grassroots approach to communicating science, and highlight their potential for recruiting and promoting the next generation of leaders in the field of magnetic resonance imaging.

Thank you Nikola for your insightful contribution! Onwards to collaborative and openly accessible science communication!