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Getting Started with Slack

Do you want to join our discussions? Talk to us over Slack!

To register for our Slack team, please enter your email address below.

Once you submit the signup form you’ll receive an email from Slack to continue the signup process. Once you finish the signup process you can use Slack via their web application or download a desktop or mobile client.

Slack Channels

By default you will be added to the #general channel which is our general-purpose discussion chat. Other more topic-specific channels are available in the channels menu on the left.

Setting Up Your Slack Profile

Once registered for Slack, you can customize your profile through the Slack website. Here you can set the name and avatar people will see when you chat with them.

Need Help?

You can check out Slack’s Help Center documentation for answers to many common problems. If you are already logged in to Slack, you can ask for assistance in the #general channel.