An open-source software for quantitative MR image analysis.


Jean‐François Cabana1, Ye Gu2, Mathieu Boudreau3, Ives R Levesque4, Yaaseen Atchia5, John G. Sled6,7, Sridar Narayanan3, Douglas L. Arnold3, G. Bruce Pike3,8, Julien Cohen‐Adad9, Tanguy Duval9, Manh‐Tung Vuong9, Nikola Stikov9,10

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Stable release, MIT License

All your quantitative MRI needs under one umbrella

qMRLab is an open-source software for quantitative MR image analysis. The main goal is to provide the community with an intuitive tool for data fitting, plotting, simulation and protocol optimization for a myriad of different quantitative models. The modularity of the implementation makes it easy to add any additional modules and we encourage everyone to contribute their favorite recipe for qMR. This package covers a wide range of functions such as:

  • Data simulator: The simulation interface allows end users to easily simulate qMR data and evaluate how well these models perform under known parameters input, determine the most appropriate acquisition protocol and evaluate how fitting constraints impact the results.
  • Data fitting and visualization: The data fitting provides a simple interface to import real-world qMR data, fit them using the selected fitting procedure, and visualize the resulting parameter maps. More advanced users could also use the command line tools used in the background by the GUI to include data fitting in their analysis scripts.



1Department of Medical Physics, University of Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada
2NeuroRX, Montreal, QC, Canada
3Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
4Department of Medical Physics, Oncology and RI-MUHC , McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
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