Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator.


David Kosenina and Dejan Priversek

Estimated cost

~1000 €


Hardware: Released, license CERN Open Hardware Licence (CERN OHL)

Software: Released, license GNU General Public License (GPL) v3

Several instruments in one device

Hardware is built around Xilinx® Spartan®-6 LX9 FPGA which contains digital logic. All hardware settings are controlled via program GUI and transferred to FPGA registers via Cypress’s EZ-USB® FX2LP™ chip. Below you can find more information about individual hardware components. Oscilloscope software is designed to run on all major desktop operating systems.


  • Oscilloscope
    • No. of Channels: 2
    • Sampling rate, max.: 100 Msps Real-Time / 3.2 Gsps with Equivalent-Time Sampling (ETS)
    • Resolution: 10 bit
    • Memory depth: 10.000 Samples per channel
    • Voltage range: 10 mV/div – 2 V/div (with 1× probe); 100 mV/div – 20 V/div (with 10× probe)
  • Waveform Generator
    • No. of Channels: 2
    • Sampling rate: 50 Msps
    • Resolution: 12 bit
    • Waveform shapes: Sin, Cos, Triangle, Saw, Ramp up/down, Delta, DC, Noise, Custom
    • Custom waveform memory depth: 4.096 Samples per Channel
    • Max out. Voltage: +/- 2,0 V
  • Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator
    • No. of Channels: 16 (logic analyzer / pattern generator: 8-input / 8-output; 16-input; 16-output)
    • Sampling rate: max. 100 Msps
    • Interface voltage: Adjustable 1,25 V – 3,3 V in 256 steps

ScopeFun authors are currently preparing for a crowdfunding campaign that will help them start with the production of the new hardware version: