A Slicer extension for microstructure tractography


Yogesh Rathi¹, Stefan Lienhard, Yinpeng Li, Martin Styner, Ipek Oguz, Yundi Shi, Christian Baumgartner, Ryan Eckbo


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Software: nightly released

Tracing multiple crossing/kissing fibers while estimating the underlying microstructural parameters is a hard tractography problem. We solve this problem using an unscented Kalman filter based tractography algorithm, where model parameters (and thereby the associated microstructural measures) and fiber orientations (multiple) are estimated simultaneously in a consistent manner as the fiber is being traced from the seeding location. The algorithm not only uses the previous estimate (mean) but also uses the covariance in the model parameters (or Fisher-Information metric) to recursively estimate the model parameters at each location thereby providing a regularization of the tracts. Any model can be used. In this software, we provide the following choices: multiple tensors (1, 2 or 3), plus an optional free-water fraction and multi-fiber NODDI model.

Tracts can be visualized in 3D Slicer (open source software available). Each of the estimated diffusion measures are saved along the tracts that can be visualized in Slicer.


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1Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, US